Thursday, 21 January 2010

fac251's You Tube Channel - now live.

Up and running now..

A dedicated You Tube channel broadcasting exciting updates on the progress of FAC251.


Hooky takes us on a tour of the site, witness the semi demolished Factory HQ as it starts to become the new FAC251 club.

See Hooky back in the old 'Boardroom' minus THAT Table!!

See what has become of the old Factory Records vinyl archive space!!

See Ben Kelly's infamous space being transformed!!

See Steve Jones cold and covered in shit!!


Heavy snow pushes back opening night.

Kevin Cummins enters the frame and joins the party, photographing the evolution of the new (old) venue.

Kevin also talks about the scene and the city.

Plans unleashed for Hooky to record exclusive music as a give away included with the invite for the opening night.

DJ booth and Stage start coming together.

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